At The Bolsover School, we understand that exam time, whether it be for final external GCSE's or internal Mock GCSE's, is always a stressful period for everyone involved.  Students need to revise, cope with extra exam preparation lessons, deal with day-to-day issues, and for some knowing how to confront this period in a way that tries to take at least some of the worry out of exam time, can be a problem.  These guides do not provide all the answers for a stress free exam approach, but they may help both students and parents/carers to understand some of the strategies and techniques they can employ to make the run-up period to exams at least a little easier to cope with.

If you like any more information about these guides, or exam help in general, then please contact the school.


Managing Exam Stress. Everyone gets nervous; it's a normal part of exams. While it's not so easy to stop feeling nervous, this guide will help you to keep your nerves under control and focus on what you want to achieve with the use of relaxation techniques. 

Helping with Revision. Not every student learns and revises in the same way, but there are some techniques which can help everyone to make more sense of revision and how to get the most out of revision time.

Supporting Your Child With English GCSE. Understanding what might be expected from students in English GCSE's can really help guide revision.  This guide will help with both, ensuring English revision is done as effectively as possible.

Supporting Your Child With Maths GCSE.  As with English, understanding the course and the requirements of a GCSE can focus revision and make it much more effective.  This guide aims to explain the course expectations, and has some useful links for further advice and support.

Top 60 Maths Topics Checklist.  Knowing your strong points and weaknesses is key to guiding revision.  This simple checklist will help students to understand where they need to prioritise their learning in Maths to ensure they have a wide knowledge base prior to their exam.

Memory and Recall Techniques.  Revision time can be very stressful, especially if you don't know how to use your powers of memory and recall to their best potential.  This guide helps students to understand how memory and recall can be used in the most efficient way.

Documents which students may find useful with their revision:-


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