The school is launching the Go Green initiative this year which will encourage students to make the very most of their time at The Bolsover School. If a student manages to ‘Go Green’ it means they are firing on all cylinders and really achieving a high level of success in several areas of their school life. For your child to Go Green they need to achieve three targets:


Target 1: Achieve an attendance in school of at least 95%. There are numerous studies that have all shown the huge negative impact that occurs when your child is absent from school. Ensuring your child is in school for at least 95% of the school year will help ensure them make the best progress possible.

Target 2: Achieve an average Behaviour For Learning (BFL) score of at least 3.75 (or show significant progress). For each of your child’s subjects, their teacher gives them a BFL score of between 1-4. This is a reflection of how their attitude and behaviour is towards learning in the classroom. A score of 4 is excellent, going down to a 1 which is obviously not so good. If the average BFL score for your child across all their subjects is 3.75 or above then it means they have achieved the second target.

Target 3: Ensure you are on target in all of your subjects. This is probably the most challenging of the three targets. In every subject, students have a target grade/level. This is based on their ability when they joined us in year 7. If students are predicted to achieve this target grade in all their subjects then they have achieved target 3.


If your child meets these targets which means they Go Green, please praise them accordingly as this is an excellent achievement. These students will also be rewarded by the school and it will be up to the students through the School Council, to decide on how this will be achieved.


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Mr A Burns OBE

Executive Principal of The Redhill Academy Trust

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Executive Headteacher

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Head of School