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Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps the school manage and monitor student’s reading ability. Reading comprehension is vital in order to access the school curriculum and achieve excellence in examinations, together with being a crucial skill for life. Therefore, we place great emphasis as a school on the importance of reading for academic progress and reading for pleasure. All students in years 7 and 8 as well as a few targeted students in year 9 will access our Accelerated Reader Programme.

How does Accelerated Reader work?

The student chooses a book at a slightly more challenging level than their current reading ability and reads it at his/her own pace. When finished, the student takes a short quiz on the computer. Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read. Students using Accelerated Reader choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them - this makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them.

What happens if the student fails the quiz?

If the student does not do well on the quiz, as teachers, we can help students:

  • Choose another book that is more appropriate.
  • Ask more probing questions as the student reads and before he/she takes a quiz.
  • Pair the student with another student, or even have the book read to them.

In most cases, children really enjoy taking the quizzes. Since they’re reading books at their reading and interest levels, they are likely to be successful. This is satisfying for most children and best of all they learn and develop at their own pace.

How will I know how well the student is doing?

After each quiz teachers can feedback on your child’s understanding of the book and determine whether there has been an improvement in your child’s reading ability. Parents/guardians/students can also access Accelerated Reader BookFinder ( to search for titles of interest to support with reading at home.

How often should my child read?

According to research, children who read at least 35 minutes a day with a 90% comprehension rate (understanding of the text) see the greatest gains. This is why reading interesting and challenging material is really important.

Where can I get more information?

Find our Accelerated Reader Brochure below, or please contact school if you require any further information.