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Arts Awards

The Arts Award qualification allows students the independence to explore all areas of the arts, from music to fine art. Through a levelled tier qualification, starting at Bronze, students explore four different areas that will help them gain the correct knowledge and understanding to work towards their goal as a future young artist.

The aim of the Award is to provide an enjoyable, experimental, and rewarding personal development experience where all students can experience working with media they may not have experienced before and try new techniques that could be of interest to them, developing their skills in all areas along the way.

The Arts Award is currently taking place after school on Thursdays running from 3-4pm with Miss Deaton. 

The four sections required for students to gain the award are as follows:

  • Development of interests, knowledge and skills through active participation in any art form (part A).                            
  • Experience of at least one arts event/experience as an audience member (part B)
  • Research into the work of an artist/craftsperson that inspires them (part C)
  • Experience of passing on an arts skill by teaching (part D)

Within part B, all students will have the opportunity to go on a trip, where they can explore the arts in the wider community. In 2022, the Arts Award students went to the pantomime at the Winding Wheel where they got to watch the full performance, and have a behind-the-scenes tour where they spoke to the principal cast, director and lighting/sound team. 

If you need any further information, please contact Miss Deaton at school: