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General Information

Parents Evening

The online parents’ evening booking system is a way to make booking parents’ evening appointments – and the evening in general – easier for everyone.

  • Parents log in online and select appointment times that suit them
  • Parents can let teachers know of any issues or discussion topics ahead of time
  • Teachers check their appointments schedule in advance on the Parents’ Evening Booking System and prepare for their events
  • It’s that easy – no queues of students, no lost appointment times, and a huge time-saver for staff
To book for an appointment please use this link:

Please note that (if you have supplied an email address) you will be sent an email informing you that your child’s parents’ evening is open for booking. It will not be possible to book an appointment outside of this time.

The instructions for the booking system found on this page:

School Bus

Derbyshire County Council provide information with regards to the options available to students for their travel to and from school, including qualifying for school transport assistance.

The link to the Derbyshire County Council School Transport website can be found here:

Information for Parents/Carers

Below you will find links and PDF documents which may be useful for parents/carers.

Underage Drinking:


Early Help

The Bolsover School aim to work with children and families through our Early Help Offer. More can be found on our SEND page, in our Early Help Document.

Spotting signs of Hatred and Extremism

Letter to Parents/Carers

The link to the Action Counters Terrorism website can be found here: