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Student Wellbeing

At the Bolsover School we recognise the importance of good mental health and strive to remove any potential stigma attached to this subject.

We provide a range of support mechanism in order to promote positive mental health whilst supporting students who may need it at any point in time.

The following help, guidance and support is available:

  • Pastoral care from Form Tutors, Heads of Houses or any preferred member of staff
  • Signposting for support
  • The School Nurse
  • Early Help
  • Action for Children
  • The Elm Foundation
  • Behaviour Support Service
  • The Blues Programme
  • Changing Lives Project
  • Anxiety gremlins
  • Time-out cards for students, to allow them to go to the Inclusion room
  • A personal development programme which promotes an understanding of mental health, tolerance of all and the importance and value of talking about mental health

Here are some useful website which provide a range of different types of support:

Please do not suffer in silence, it’s ok not to be ok. Somebody cares.

Student Support

Our approach to bullying at the Bolsover School is that any type of bullying is unacceptable.

We define bullying as:

Deliberate, hurtful behaviour, either physical or psychological, which is unprovoked and is repeated over a period of time.

We encourage students to report any instances where they feel that they are or could be being bullied. This can be to any member of staff in school, however systems in place will undoubtedly lead to input from the student’s Head of House in order to attempt to resolve the issues.

Please refer to the Anti-Bullying Policy under ‘Our School’ – ‘Documents and Policies’ for more comprehensive details of how bullying is dealt with.


CEOP stands for Child Exploitation and Online Protection. It is a law enforcement agency that helps to keep children and young people safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. They help thousands of children and young people every year who have been in uncomfortable situations online.

They can provide help and advice and you can make a report through the website if something has happened online that has made you feel unsafe, scared or worried. This could be from someone you now or from a stranger. CEOP take all reports seriously and they will do everything they can to help keep you safe.

Clicking on the CEOP button on the footer of this website, will redirect you to their webpage.

For more information on Information on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and online safety including the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) advice follow this link:

Bereavement Support Resources

Below are some helpful resources from Children's Services at Derbyshire County Council to help with bereavement.

Child Bereavement Resources