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Title Last Name Role   Form Email Notes
Miss Allen Teacher of English   B3  
Mrs Anderson Teacher of MFL   N3  
Mr Bacon Head of Geography   P7  
Mr Basford Deputy Head of Science   B5  
Mrs Bell-Pickersgill Assistant Senco  
Miss Bennett Cover Supervisor  
Miss Bennett Teacher of History  
Miss Bennett Assistant Headteacher  
Mr Blair Cover Administrator & Project Support Officer  
Mrs Blizzard Inclusion Manager  
Mr Blood Cover Supervisor  
Mrs Boden PA to the Headteacher  
Mrs Booth Teacher of Mathematics   B7  
Mr Bramley Teacher of History  
Miss Brayford Teacher of English   A5  
Mr Briggs Teacher of Mathematics   N7  
Miss Camfield Teacher of Maths   P3  
Miss Christian Teacher of English  
Miss Clarke Teaching Assistant  
Miss Cordon Deputy Head of Mathematics   N2 Maternity Leave
Mr Crespin Teacher of Science & Health and Social Care   H2  
Miss  Cresswell Teaching Assistant  
Mr Croft Regional Director Secondary  
Miss Crossland Head of Science   P5  
Mrs Crossley Careers Advisor  
Mrs Crossley Head of Technology   A7  
Mr      Dalby Teacher of Mathematics & PE  
Mr Davies Head of Mathematics   N3  
Miss Deaton Teacher of Art & Textiles   N6  
Mrs Deverick Pastoral Support Officer  
Mrs Deville UQTA  
Mr Drury Head of MFL   A5  
Mr Downes Teacher of ICT   A3  
Mrs Ellis Teacher of Mathematics  
Mx  Dunne Science Technician  
Miss Evans Teacher of Geography   A4  
Mrs  Fennimore Teacher of Science   A2  
Miss Fisher Teacher of Geography   P4  
Miss Fox Teacher of English   N5  
Mrs Gillian Head of English  
Mrs Gil-Sobek Attendance Officer  
Miss Glancy Attendance Administrator  
Mrs Greenhalgh Office Manager  
Mrs  Gregory Art Technician  
Mr Hall Headteacher  
Mr Hallam Teacher in English   A6  
Miss Hughes Pastoral Support Officer  
Mr Jacques Chair of Governors  
Miss King Librarian  
Mrs Knowles Assistant Headteacher  
Mr Lee Teacher of MFL   N4  
Mrs Lickley Teacher of Science   H3  
Mrs Lucas Teaching Assistant  
Mr Lyne Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs Lyne Head of Dance & Drama   P5  
Ms Macgregor Teacher of English  
Ms Marsh Teacher of Art  
Miss Marshall Deputy Head of English   H6  
Miss Martin Teacher of Technology  
Miss May Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Mason-Green Teaching Assistant  
Mr McPhillips Teacher of Business Studies   A1  
Mr Nanev Network Manager  
Miss Owen Designated Safeguarding Lead, Head of Nightingale House & Teacher of PE  
Mr Paget Data Manager & D of E Leader  
Mr Pemberton Head of Peveril House & Teacher of PE  
Mrs Plater Receptionist  
Mrs Poole Clerk to Governors  
Mrs Power Head of Humanities & Teacher of RE   A1  
Mr Pridmore Deputy Headteacher  
Mrs  Reynolds Attendance Officer  
Miss Richmond Head of Creative Arts   P2 Maternity leave
Mr Robinson Resistant Materials Technician  
Miss Ruddach Head of PE   A6  
Mx Dunne Science Technician  
Mr Smart IT Technician, PR & Marketing Coordinator  
Mr South Teacher of English   P2  
Mrs Spence Head of School  
Mr Squires Head of Arkwright House & Teacher of Mathematics  
Mr Stacey Head of Music   P6  
Miss  Tailby Teaching Assistant  
Mr Topley Assistant Headteacher & SENCO  
Miss Tyrrell Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Venus Teacher of MFL   P1 Maternity leave
Miss Vernon Teaching Assistant  
Miss Walker Lead Practitioner & Teacher of English  
Mrs Walker Exams Officer  
Mr Walmsley Teacher of Business & PE  
Ms Wallage Teaching Assistant  
Mr Ward Head of Business & Computing   H1  
Miss Whapplington Head of Bainbridge House & Teacher of Technology  
Mx Whitaker Teacher of Science & KS3 coordinator   H7  
Mrs Whittaker PA to the Headteacher & Executive Headteacher  
Mrs Williams Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Wilson Operations Manager  
Mrs Winter Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Woodward Teacher   B4  
Mr Wormleighton Teacher of Science   B1  
Mrs Wright Head of History   B6